Refinance Your Home Loan.

    #JUST OUT FROM A MAJOR BANK: 4.84%pa(5.19%CR) VARIABLE RATE LOAN, i.e. 1.35% discount on variable rate.More on Special Loans
    LOW DOC LOANS ARE AVAILABLE TO 80% LVR.   Rates continue to move quickly, give us a call!
    Special Full Doc: Combo Interest Rate Specials,    Fixed Rates At:   1 year @4.54%pa (CR 5.36%),   3 years @4.69%pa(CR 5.30%)   5 years @ 5.12%(CR 5.42%)   Variable rate 4.73%pa (CR 5.16%).    Capture opportunities with current low interest rates, 95% LVR +LMI home loans are now available.

  • NRAS

    Commercial Loans.

    A range of full doc and low doc for commercial properties in the major cities and regional centers are readily available. Funds from banks and private lenders. Shops, strata offices, warehouses, commercial buildings in major cities. # Current 3 year Fixed Rate is 4.84%pa, variable rate from 5.58%pa . Awaiting payments? Debtor finance has an important role in reducing management stress and allowing business to grow. Read More On Business Loans or Commercial Low Doc Loans       Finance available for construction and purchase of blocks of units, warehouses etc. from private lenders

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    Low Doc Loans, Bad Credit History Loans

    Borrow to purchase assets even when two years of tax returns are incomplete. There are alternative forms of evidence to confirm your income. See attached list of products and details. Those with impaired credit history or limited savings history can borrow to purchase a home. This also includes those on probation status in a new job.

Car Loans & Car Leasing


For cheap car loans and leasing finance.
It is important to compare the monthly repayments, contact us through Flag Car Loans, our car finance web site.

Our Home Loans Services


Professional credit adviser.
Interest rates continue to change rapidly. We are able to focus on the home loans that will provide you with a choice from our panel of lenders#. We are not tied to any one lender, we leave the selection to you.

What We Do?


We provide services Sydney wide
We keep in regular contact by means of emails, fax and phone. Our Commercial mortgage loans provide for even specialised securities. Insurance requirements will be referred to specialist associates.

Welcome to a pain free home and commercial property loan process.

Applying for a loan through banks and other institutions can be fraught with unknowns, at the end of the day your loan may be rejected without a clear reasons or another opportunity to resubmit.

As a broker our intention is to organise your home or commercial loan application so that you put your best foot forward to obtain the loan. We will endeavour to obtain a selection of lenders for you from our lending panel#.

We understand your anxiety whether it be a home loan or low doc commercial loan to have the matter settled quickly so you can go on with your life.   First home owners will find our help very useful in insuring the smooth processing of the loan and FHOG.Generally commercial rates are restricted by use and location of the property. We also arrange SMSF and NRAS loans for investors.

We have over 12 years experience as credit advisers and are accredited to FAST, finance aggregator, who have strict educational and compliance requirements. We have been in property development and mortgage lending and have contacts to tap into areas of specialised finance activity. This is where a privately owned mortgage broker with no alliances with the big lenders but still have access to major banks and other lending bodies has a decided advantage.

Flexible cashout, up to $1million

  • Refinance business loans at residential rates (using residential equity)
  • Short term employment plus probation acceptable for full time or permanent part time applicants
  • 85% No LMI on Purchases and Refinance
  • Cash out up to $1m at 80%

First Home Owners contact us when you buy. as total benefit is worth up to $35000

Feel free to contact us, or please fill your details in the form on the Contact page and we will be in touch shortly.

Telephone: 1300 33 5626
E-mail: sales@sydneymortgageplus.com.au