Interest Rates

#Home Loan Specials

  • Full doc to 97% LVR includes 2% LMI.
  • The rates can be reduced further for loans over 1.2M
  • Low and Full Doc Combo variable rate
  • Discounted Variable rate package, More on Special Loans
  • Case by case, for those with historical credit impairment or fall outside traditional LMI guideline.

    Commercial Rates: variable.

  • Full Doc Loan to 75% LVR at 5.88%pa
  • Lease Doc (No Tax returns)to 60%LVR at 5.93%pa
  • Low Doc to 60% LVR @6.54%
  • Low Doc to 75% LVR @7.29%

    Fixed rates Commercial

  • Full Doc Loan to 75% LVR 3 year fixed at 5.79%pa
  • Full Doc Loan to 75% LVR 5 year fixed at 6.38%pa

News on Specials

Low Doc Loans are still available:
ABN from 1 year for home loans.
unlimited Cash out to 80% LVR
Low doc loans for home construction

Our Rates: Contact us as rates are changing quickly

We offer a variety of rates and products to suit any requirement, please contact us to find out more on the up-to-date information about our wide range of products and rates. The variable rates are affected by Reserve Bank decision. The fixed interest rates are affected by our exchange rate with major currencies. Overseas factors such as US long term Treasury Bill Rates, unemployment figures, marker liquidity also impact on the movement of fixed rates.etc. STOP PRESS: Commercial rates drastically reduced and lenders application fee is only $500

Other Home Loan Products

  • construction loans
  • investment loans
  • owner builder construction loan
  • vacant land loan
  • first home owners loan
  • professional packages
  • 12 month discount rates

Low Doc Residential loans

The availability from major bank lenders to products over 80% has reduced as bank lenders try to reduce exposure to risk.

However there has been some availability to 80% LVR low doc residential loans with BAS statements. These statements, for 12 months, must be requested from the Tax office. They generally take 5 days to receive and must be on Tax Office letterhead. This is merely a pseudo-format for a full doc loan for self employed.
Other Low Doc loans are available to 80% LVR with LMI. Requirements are 12 months ABN. Cash out is available.

Low Doc Residential Loan   

Non bank lenders provide up to 80% LVR loans with some cash out available.

Lease Doc Commercial Loan to 75%LVR

This is especially useful for those seeking consolidate existing investment and personal debits. The source is bank lending and interest rates are lower then the previous product. it only requires rental evidence with minmum two years left on the lease.

How are fixed rates calculated?

Fixed rates are set based on a combination of funding costs, pricing by competition and depositor returns. Fixed rates are also impacted by the ability to hedge interest rate risk in the market on a daily basis. Based on these factors, fixed rates may move repeatedly over successive weeks or for several weeks at a time. Fixed rate are fixed on the loan on the day it is settled. So initially at the application stage the fixed rates is only indicative. The rate can be locked at the application stage by paying a rate lock fee.