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Low Doc Loans

Low Doc Loans or Self-Certified loans

are mainly for clients who cannot or are unable to provide full financial statements, eg self employed without previous years statement of accounts, tax returns etc, even though they believe they can service the loan. There are two types of Low Doc Loans, the first type does not require a premium to be paid over the normal rates. These loans are for applicants with good credit history but whose income sources can't be easily ascertained. Generally these loans are for investment, refinancing or purchasing a residence .. The second type is for self-employed, ( both types can be jointly with a PAYG applicants) here again the applicant(s) must provide evidence of net assets worth. The income declaration will be checked against similar business profiles and previous loan statements and other credit checks to confirm serviceability criteria can be meet.

Generally require the applicants to have 2 years ABN registered with BAS payments.

Some lenders will provide self-certified loans even for short periods of self-employment and not require an asset and liability statement but the rates tend to be high. For both these type of loans Loan Mortgage Insurance will vary with the lender, some absorb the premium from 60% to 80%of LVR, and there is quite large variation in interest rates. The other lenders require borrowers to pay for premium amounts above 60% to a max generally of 80% LVR. Most of these lo doc loans have a maximum amount of $1M or 80%LVR. However, some lenders will go up to $1.20M .

Low Doc Line of credit

Excellent for the property investor with up to 10 sub accounts(one fee, $360pa) to allow you to build a portfolio properties. With rates discount of 1.7%pa on standard variable rates for loans over $500,000 and up to $1M. The investor has greater flexibility to add to his or her portfolio or to sell down without significant costs or fees.

Low Doc lending to 80%LVR

It is not surprising that these high LVR loans tend to attract high rates and for those without clean credit an additional risk margin. The loan insurance (or risk fee)where it is not reflected in the rates, tend to be high. These loans are extremely useful for those who wish to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for the benefits of Sydney Mortgage plus Pty Ltd clients. However your future financial situation and interest rate movements can affect the strategy, therefore you must obtain independent financial advice. This company takes no responsibility or accepts liability for any adverse outcome as a result of using these methods. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to each of these loans, for further details contact Samuel Chacko.

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